SEM Consultant 🚀

SEM Consultant.

Specialized in audience acquisition,
analysis and conversion 🚀

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The answer to your traffic acquisition and measurement issues.

Advanced configuration Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager

Making all marketing actions measurable, and reach conversion targets.

SEA strategy

Gain immediate visibility while keeping your budget under control.

Social Ads strategy

Reach a specific audience and develop your brand image.

Custom Dashboards

Making data visualization accessible, efficient and memorable.

SEO strategy

Understand user intentions and search engine problematics to increase visibility.

Digital Analytics

Better analysis for better conversion.
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Trust is a major element: without it, no project is successful.

Some of my

80%Data Analysis
60%Social Ads
90%Search Engine Optimization
70%Search Engine Advertising
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Latest thoughts & decodings.

Coming soon !

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About me

« My favourite project ?
The next one. »

– Frank Lloyd Wright
With a Master’s degree in web marketing from ECV Digital, and 3 years of experience in a web agency, I am now specialized in audience acquisition, analysis and conversion via SEO and SEA channels. In addition to my position as Traffic Manager at Atypicom, I can assist and advise you on your audience acquisition and measurement issues 🎯

Making numbers speak for conversion optimization is my goal because implementing a marketing action only makes sense if it can be measured 📊

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