SEM Consultant 🚀
The CIAP (architectural and heritage interpretation centre), called upon ECV Digital Bordeaux business school for the end of year Master’s student competition. As a team, we had to imagine the whole online and offline communication strategy of this little known cultural place, which lacks visibility in the city of Bordeaux among locals and tourists from France and abroad.

Visual identity, website development, web app, communication channels: we rethought the whole strategy of this place to answer a problem: how to increase the number of visitors of the CIAP through a cultural communication strategy?

We thus defended the idea that the CIAP had to renew the tourist experience in order to become the place of reference and understanding of Bordeaux city urbanization.

By creating the temporary digital operation « The keys of time » diffused in the whole town, we wished to answer this objective of increase in the number of visitors via a greater visibility of the CIAP, a highlighting of the equipment and a clarification of the identity.
A success, since our project was elected winner of the competition by the jury and the management of the CIAP.