SEM Consultant 🚀
How to, using digital and with a limited budget, boost Getasound’s notoriety and generate qualified leads?
Webmarketing consulting



As part of the validation of my Master’s Degree in webmarketing, my partner and I had the mission to accompany a start-up company for one year in its digital transformation strategy. We chose the young company Getasound, a platform specialized in marketing and sound design.

With the constraint of no budget at all, and following a thorough auditing phase, we accompanied the start-up in its development through relevant marketing actions: on-site optimization and ergonomy, social network and e-reputation strategy, SEO as well as the implementation of tracking and dashboard design to monitor the main KPIs. All these actions contributed to the influence of the start-up, which generated its first leads following these actions and saw its global visibility clearly boosted. From pedagogy to training, through the argumentation of our choices, we have fully experienced the role of a webmarketing consultant.